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                                          Wild Rating --

2000 Group Shot

The Wild Thing is an early Arrow designed looping coaster.  It was moved to the Enchanted Village in the mid-90's as the park's first major attraction.  The ride starts with a short drop out of the station and around a corner to the lift hill.  The ride climbs up the 75 foot hill and drops a short distance before making a steeply banked 180 degree turn.  From there the ride picks up.  A 64 foot drop leads to a typically tight Arrow loop.

 The 2nd car is full of Wild Ones  Steve, Debra, Missy, and Hippo in the last car.

Up a hill and around a corner and you're into the corkscrew.  This is where the ride's age is evident.  The train creeps through the corkscrews and immediately turns sharply to the right.  Then you


hit the brakes and the ride is over.  The good thing, or bad thing depending on how much you enjoy a rough ride, is that they let you go twice in a row.  This was probably a great coaster when it was originally built, but like a lot of the early Arrow coasters, it is almost too rough to make it enjoyable.   



Location-Enchanted Village Designer-Arrow Dynamics
Length-Approximately 1500'


First Drop-64'

Speed-46 MPH

3 Inversions-Loop, Double Corkscrew

Ride Time-1:10

48" Height Requirement


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